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Think Beyond Traditional Manufacturing Consulting with MTG

From gears to growth: Our hands-on manufacturing consultants deliver practical, scalable solutions that reduce risk, increase revenue and reduce costs. We enhance your team to deliver measurable results.

Your Partner in Global Manufacturing Transformation

We're actively involved—hands-on amidst the gears and machines, working side by side with your team to unlock operational efficiencies, enhance performance, and build scalable systems for factory growth. Our practical, hands-on approach brings tangible results, transforming theory into action.


Manufacturers We’ve Transformed

Who Are You?

Tailored Expertise Across Key Sectors


For Manufacturers & Distributors

Elevate your manufacturing and distribution operations with bespoke strategies that reduce costs, increase capacity, and reduce risks. From process re-engineering to technology integration, we're here to guide you through every step of your operational enhancement journey.


Forge ahead with co-investment partnerships that leverage our manufacturing expertise and strategic insights for mutual success. We work alongside investors and businesses to identify opportunities, drive transformations, and achieve sustainable growth and scalability.

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Our Manufacturing Consultancy Services

  • China Manufacturing Consultants

    MTG member cindy jin

    China Manufacturing Consultants

    Formerly known as China Manufacturing Consultants (CMC), our organization has evolved into the Manufacturing Transformation Group (MTG) to better reflect our global presence and capabilities. Despite this expansion, our roots and in-depth expertise in the Chinese manufacturing sector remain a cornerstone of our consultancy services. Manufacturing in China presents unique challenges and opportunities, distinct from other regions due to its regulatory environment, supply chain logistics, and market dynamics.

    At MTG, we leverage decades of experience and deep local knowledge to guide businesses through the complexities of manufacturing in China. Our specialized China manufacturing consultancy services are designed to optimize your operations and strategic planning within this crucial market.

  • New Factory Setup

    members of MTG discussing inside factory

    New Factory Setup

    We specialize in guiding businesses through the complex process of establishing new manufacturing facilities in North America, China, Vietnam, or Mexico. Our approach combines strategic planning, site selection, and process optimization to ensure a smooth setup and launch of your manufacturing operations. 

  • Manufacturing Assessments

    members of MTG inside factory

    Manufacturing Assessments

    Assessments and observations help us form the basis for our consulting services. We conduct in-depth evaluations of your processes, management, and layouts, moving beyond basic audits to identify fundamental issues. Our focus is on sustainable improvement, not just temporary fixes.

  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting

    MTG member cindy jin

    Lean Manufacturing Consulting

    MTG has successfully improved manufacturing outcomes (lower costs, faster delivery, higher quality) across various industries and locations. 

    Our proven approach uses lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and decades of experience to achieve the quickest operational results.

  • Factory Turnaround

    interior of a factory with factory workers working

    Factory Turnaround

    We specialize in resolving challenging facilities and ultimately elevating factory performance. We tailor our approach to address the unique challenges of your manufacturing operations. By leveraging our extensive experience, we not only identify and resolve issues but also implement strategies for continuous improvement. 

  • Factory Relocation

    lorry outside factory

    Factory Relocation

    MTG specializes in seamless factory relocations, whether reshoring, nearshoring, or offshoring. Our boots-on-the-ground strategy ensures a smooth transition with minimal operational downtime. We handle every detail, from logistical planning to machinery movement, optimizing your new setup for immediate productivity. 

Problems We Solve

Where We Help You On-Site

By scrutinizing every detail, from tooling to task distribution, we identify key areas for cost savings without compromising quality. We implement lean methods to boost labor productivity, streamline inventory management, and rework product designs for efficiency.

We identify and fix production hold-ups, fine-tune sub-supplier management, and enhance your production planning. Our techniques promote a steady flow of processes and uphold a robust quality system to ensure on-time delivery without compromising output quality.

We establish robust quality systems and provide coaching for disciplined adherence. Standard work is formalized, staff is trained, and processes are mistake-proofed to prevent, detect, and correct errors efficiently. Further process analysis ensures other issues are addressed with effective root-cause analysis.

We use tools like line rebalancing, poka-yoke, process improvement, and more to improve productivity at your facility and prevent human error.

Streamline procurement, production, inventory, and warehouse operations with our expert guidance. Support your business goals with an optimized supply chain and tailored ERP solutions.

Get your product off the ground with expert support in supplier selection, process testing, and employee training. We ensure a smooth launch by optimizing each step, from line arrangement to going live, avoiding costly delays and ensuring quality from the get-go.

Process Digitization

Industry 4.0 is here, and we have the tools and technologies to implement what makes sense in your facilities. Whether it is as simple as AI-driven visual inspection or as complex as creating a digital twin, we help you match your business goal with appropriate technologies. We help you ensure that you appropriately implement technologies that enhance improved shop floor practices.

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Why Work With Us?

MTG's ‘Your Way’ Lean Blueprint

MTG differentiates from big consultancies with a bespoke 'Your Way' Lean Blueprint approach, focusing on practical, on-site transformation and deep, sector-specific expertise to drive operational change from the inside out.

Rolling Up Sleeves for On-Site Factory

While traditional consultants may deliver extensive reports, MTG's approach is distinctively hands-on and action-oriented. We augment audits and reports with a boots on the ground approach that enables us to make real changes on the factory floor.

Engagement at Every Level:
The MTG Collaboration Mode

Our team collaborates with everyone, from factory owners to floor staff, ensuring we get buy-in and build trust to drive lasting changes. With MTG, it's not about outside advice—it's about inside action.

Deep-Dive Manufacturing Knowledge:
20+ Years in the Making

Our team boasts backgrounds in automotive, electronics, textiles, industrial machinery, furniture, and more. It's not just the 20+ years of average manufacturing experience; it's the breadth and depth of our hands-on knowledge that sets us apart.

Successful Manufacturing Transformation

We typically work on engagements of 3-12 months with our consultants at your facility several days a week. Our engagement managers provide guidance, and our technical consultants provide the type of assistance necessary to reach your objectives.

Explore Our Locations

Our team of consultants is diverse across global cultures and strategically positioned in key regions to ensure we meet our clients' needs.

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Looking for Expert China Manufacturing Consultants?

At MTG, we specialize in elevating manufacturing operations within China’s dynamic market landscape. Whether you're looking to streamline production, enhance quality, or expand capacity, we are your partners in achieving sustainable success.

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