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Factory Management Systems & HR

Get support from experienced China manufacturing consultants to improve the management of your factory, putting in place systems which help your business to drive and sustain positive changes. Click the orange button to have a no-strings discussion about your situation and goals.

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Are you struggling to drive change in your factory in China? 
Are your suppliers consistently letting you down?

Have you put in place measures to improve quality, cost, or delivery, but management hasn't been able to sustain results?

This is where CMC's consultants can help.

We examine and adjust your management systems with the goal of putting in place robust systems geared towards success, effective goal-setting, better management to staff communication, and improved employee retention.

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Manufacturing Industries We Serve

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Putting in place robust factory management systems

Goals & KPIs

CMC's China manufacturing consultants will assist your management team to define overall goals and KPIs for all staff from top to bottom of the organisation, limiting each person's responsibilities and KPIs to just two or three at most to encourage productivity.

Controlling labour costs

We also seek to control labour costs by actively reducing indirect labour related to direct labour (operators) and improving communication between staff.

Coaching management

Our consultants assist managers to grasp their systems better, make more of meetings, and implement a goal-based assessment system (related to ISO 9001 and management best-practices).

Staff engagement

We can help your factory reduce staff turnover to below 6%. This breaks the Chinese mould, where it's commonly accepted that staff are transient and don't intend to stay in their posts for the long term.
We break them into smaller discipline-based groups, train them, and give them responsibility for improving certain projects. The key is to involve them in improving their own organisation.

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Getting a handle on your factory HR

Assessing candidates

Paper qualifications rule in China, but these don't necessarily bring in the best fit for your factory.

CMC can be involved in hiring staff such as operators or mid-level managers. We use the Harrison assessment solution, which evaluates candidates based on preferences and normal ways of thinking. This adds a whole new dimension to hiring in China, as the individual becomes a part of the equation, as well as their qualifications and working experience which, in our experience, leads to hiring staff who are a better fit and buy into your company culture.

Hiring management staff

For hiring senior positions, we have relationships with experienced headhunters who specialise in senior manufacturing roles. You can leverage them to fill your key positions.

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