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About Manufacturing Transformation Group

MTG stands as a collective of specialized manufacturing consultants strategically located across multiple continents.


Building on the groundwork established in 2012, China Manufacturing Consultants branched out in 2018. MTG stands as a collective of specialized manufacturing consultants strategically located across multiple continents. Our seasoned team of experts offers comprehensive support across diverse manufacturing sectors, leveraging extensive experience in manufacturing, operations, and a variety of special projects worldwide. 

Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

As we move into 2024, MTG has unified its subsidiaries, including China Manufacturing Consultants, to reinforce our global presence and augment our services, aligning progressive industry demands of the industry. We prioritize process control, lean practices, and operational standardization, equipping clients with the tools for enduring success in a dynamic manufacturing landscape. We also help our clients with strategic partnerships spanning technologies and services that help manufacturers with their transformation initiatives. MTG uses vetted and proven tools to help our clients meet their business objectives. 

Advancing Community and Veteran Support

As a veteran-owned business, MTG is dedicated to more than just manufacturing excellence. Our commitment to service extends to various social causes that are close to our hearts. We take pride in incorporating training and service-to-civilian-life programs that support the US Veteran community, among other initiatives that give back to society and foster community development.

Explore Our Locations

Our team of consultants is diverse across global cultures and strategically positioned in key regions to ensure we meet our clients' needs.

Looking for Expert China Manufacturing Consultants?

At MTG, we specialize in elevating manufacturing operations within China’s dynamic market landscape. Whether you're looking to streamline production, enhance quality, or expand capacity, we are your partners in achieving sustainable success.

Meet Our Team of Manufacturing Experts & Consultants

With international expertise in solving the most challenging manufacturing problems, our team can support you throughout your transformation journey.

Why Work With Us?

MTG's ‘Your Way’ Lean Blueprint

MTG differentiates from big consultancies with a bespoke 'Your Way' Lean Blueprint approach, focusing on practical, on-site transformation and deep, sector-specific expertise to drive operational change from the inside out.

Rolling Up Sleeves for On-Site Factory Transformation

While traditional consultants may deliver extensive reports, MTG's approach is distinctively hands-on and action-oriented. We augment audits and reports with a boots on the ground approach that enables us to make real changes on the factory floor.

Engagement at Every Level:
The MTG Collaboration Mode

Our team collaborates with everyone, from factory owners to floor staff, ensuring we get buy-in and build trust to drive lasting changes. With MTG, it's not about outside advice—it's about inside action.

Deep-Dive Manufacturing Knowledge:
20+ Years in the Making

Our team boasts backgrounds in automotive, electronics, textiles, industrial machinery, furniture, and more. It's not just the 20+ years of average manufacturing experience; it's the breadth and depth of our hands-on knowledge that sets us apart.

MTG’s 5 Core Philosophies

Few can build long-term solutions that will last. We believe in solving your factory's most challenging problems and bringing benefits for years to come.

Stay Grounded

We meet our clients where the challenges are: the factory floor, the warehouse, etc.

Pursue Innovation

We’re always willing to learn and try new approaches or tools.

Be Cooperative

Everyone in our team works together with you to accomplish a shared goal.

Build Lasting Results

We’re focused on creating sustainable processes for the long term.


Do what is right for our clients no matter what and protect their information as if it was our own.

Ready to Elevate Your Factory Operations With Our Expert Manufacturing Consultants?

Connect with our experienced consultants today and start your journey towards excellence in manufacturing.