Manufacturing Consulting

More often than not, factories can achieve impressive results without the need for automation or expensive equipment. MTG works closely with operators on the factory floor, providing guidance on process control, Lean manufacturing, and the standardization of operations. Whether you need to streamline your operations or prepare for automation, we provide tailored solutions that bring lasting results for your factory.

Our Approach

Whether you’re producing simple wooden toys or large automobiles, all manufacturing operations come back to what we call the 5 Core Elements of Manufacturing. We focus exclusively on these to drive change and deliver value to our projects.

5 Core Elements of Manufacturing


Building at the lowest possible price while keeping the highest quality


Making a product right the first time


Moving the correct quantity of the correct product to the correct client at the correct time


Creating and sustaining work enthusiasm and buy-in


Ensuring the work environment protects workers’ health and limits the risk of injury

Our Process

We have one simple goal: create sustainable results for our clients. That’s why we work closely with them to find solutions that work for their organization. Our process ensures that clients maintain the results we’ve helped them achieve long after we’ve finished our projects with them.

Manufacturing Consulting

Using our manufacturing experience to understand markets

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