Manufacturing Assessment & Benchmarking

Many manufacturers know their operations could be doing better but don’t know how to measure or define “success”. MTG can assist in creating benchmarks to build continuous improvement into all operations and gain greater insight on all levels of production. We deeply and holistically analyze and report on your manufacturing operations with an eye for quality improvement, cost reduction, and reducing delivery delays.

Our 3-Step Process

Each factory’s operations are unique and MTG tailors our assessments to the client’s specific needs and company culture. Assessments typically last 1 to 5 days depending on the size and complexity of operations, and any specific client requests.

Step 1:
Internal Assessment

Determine what and where improvements are called for

Step 2:
Competitive Analysis

Analyze how other organizations achieve high-performance levels

Step 3:

Use collected information to improve performance

Manufacturing Assessment & Benchmarking

Using our manufacturing experience to understand markets

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