Factory Management

MTG’s leadership all have decades of experience as General Managers of large and complex manufacturing operations. Before becoming consultants, they managed chemical, automotive, electronics, and aerospace facilities. Their expertise has turned around failing facilities in record time. MTG can manage your company’s manufacturing operations so you can focus on your core strengths.

Meet the Team

David Collins III​

Chief Executive Officer,
Delaware (USA)

How We Manage Factories

Every action we take is aimed at cutting costs, improving quality, and streamlining operations. Each factory is different and comes with unique challenges but the process is largely the same.

Step 1:

If the existing employees think everything is fine, no effort will be made to improve. Our managers help the existing leadership understand that there is a problem to begin with so action can be taken.

Step 2:

Being on the factory floor, operators are usually the first to know when something goes wrong. We empower them to suggest efficiencies and improvements based on frontline experiences.

Step 3:
Enhance Morale
& Trust

Momentum and support are important in creating sustainable change. We enable the completion of “easy win” projects that make an early visible improvement to improve morale and gain buy-in from staff.

Step 4:

Once the foundations have been set, we focus on your factory’s biggest challenges and build processes to overcome them.

Factory Management Examples

Using our manufacturing experience to understand markets

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