Our Mission

Founded in 2012, MTG Global is a group of manufacturing consultants that operate in North America (MTG), the Middle East (MTG – Middle East), and China (China Manufacturing Consultants). With a team of over 20 manufacturing experts, MTG covers a wide range of manufacturing sectors while drawing insights from decades of manufacturing, operations, and turnaround experience.

MTG and our companies assist factories globally with the challenges they face today and prepare them for the manufacturing challenges of tomorrow. With a focus on process control, lean manufacturing, and operational standardization, we empower clients to build systems for long-lasting competitiveness.

Our team has worked for diverse organizations such as...

What We Believe

MTG does not move fast and break things. Anyone can break things and “disrupt” but few can build something that stands the test of time. We believe in building structures for our clients so they can continue to succeed for years to come and be prepared to upgrade their technology.

Stay Grounded

No job is too “low level”. We meet our clients where the challenges are: the factory floor, the warehouse, etc.

Pursue Innovation

Not wedded to one solution. We’re always willing to learn and try new approaches or tools.

Be Cooperative

No Mavericks. Everyone in our team works together with you to accomplish a shared goal.

Build Lasting Results

No shortcuts or chasing fads. We’re focused on creating sustainable processes for the long-term.

Our Approach

Whether you’re producing simple wooden toys or large automobiles, all manufacturing operations come back to what we call the 5 Core Elements of Manufacturing. We focus exclusively on these to drive change and deliver value to our projects.

5 Core Elements of Manufacturing


Building at the lowest possible price while keeping the highest quality


Making a product right the first time


Moving the correct quantity of the correct product to the correct client at the correct time


Creating and sustaining work enthusiasm and buy-in


Ensuring the work environment protects workers’ health and limits the risk of injury

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Focused on Quality

Customers do not want to buy from suppliers that cannot deliver the correct product in a reasonable amount of time. Workers that do not feel safe or have low morale cannot produce quality goods.

We look at the process holistically – from the raw materials that arrive at the factory through the packaging of the end-product. Our consultants help clients understand their challenges at the root cause and work with them on the factory floor to overcome them. Through each step MTG consultants guide our clients on how they can reduce costs, improve cash flow, and engage workers to achieve better results.

Most importantly, MTG builds systems with clients that will help them achieve continued and improving results long after MTG consultants leave. Our goal is creating sustainable success; not just perpetuating our contract.