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Process Improvement at an Industrial Gas Facility

    How have we helped?

    We’ve seen many manufacturers face constant challenges in cost, quality and delivery. Through each step, we work with our clients and stakeholders to solve these challenges — approaching each issue with practical, pragmatic and sustainable solutions. Our aim is to provide reliable infrastructure for our clients to continue succeeding now and in the future. These case studies are designed to walk you through how we’ve confronted challenges and the results of putting our solutions into action.

    In this comprehensive case study we cover:

    • How we assisted one of the global leaders in Industrial Gases to cut costs and improve quality.
    • How much new business our recommendations have brought in.
    • Our inventory management system that has helped improve cash flow.
    • Step-by-step structure of the project plan.

    To find out how we’ve improved processes, factory layout and organization, download our case study now.


    If the client wanted a chance to maintain their position in the industry, it was clear that they needed to improve their efficiency and inventory, which in turn would reduce their costs.

    Solution & Result

    In order to become more cost effective and improve output quality to compete with its Chinese counterparts, the client hired MTG to help identify the issues within their operations and implement changes to fix the situation.

    To tackle their issues, we developed a two-part strategy that would make their manufacturing easier.