For Purchasing Managers

When direct control is limited and uninterrupted monitoring is both tedious and expensive, it can be difficult to ensure a vendor’s quality and timeliness for your own operations. Manufacturing Transformation Group assesses your vendors and helps them reach peak performance so you can get the best out of your relationship with them. MTG can ensure that both you and your vendor benefit from our improvements.

Past Results

We focus our efforts on activities with fast turnaround and help realize quick returns. Our clients see results in a matter of weeks and months, not years.


Process Optimization at an Auto Parts Supplier

Completed all back orders and ended the need expedited shipments

Ended the need for customers to bring in 3rd party sorting

Reduced parts per million defect rate by 95%


Improving Operations at an Electronics Factory

Turned the factory from the worst quality rating to the best in 16 months

Added two new product lines without delays or loss in production

Reduced lead time by 34%


Manufacturing Operations Assessment & Benchmarking

We take a deep dive into your vendor manufacturing operations and discover the root causes behind any cost, quality, and delivery shortcomings. Based on those findings, we provide solutions to improve the outcomes for both vendors and suppliers.

Manufacturing Consultation

Understanding the root cause of manufacturing shortcomings, MTG tackles those directly and allows the vendor and the buyer to reap the benefits of improved operations.

Supply Chain Improvement

We assist clients in cutting down on unnecessary complexity in the supply chain, streamlining warehouse operations, and guaranteeing high-quality material.