Production Planning

Successful production takes more than people, machines, and raw materials. Supply chain management, inventory control, sequences, planning, and production control all play a critical role in getting the resources you need at the right time and the right place. MTG can estimate staffing needs, plan the production line and help manage inventory for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Meet the Team

David Collins III​

Chief Executive Officer,
Delaware (USA)

How We Plan Production

MTG looks at production holistically, starting with the production needs (quantity and delivery) then working

backwards to achieve your goals.

Step 1:
Production Analysis

The first step is to understand the required production quantity and timeline. From there, we’ll understand how best to tackle the problem.

Step 2:
Production Line Setup

We set up the production line to maximize cycle time (i.e. productive activity) and minimize human error. Our systems are set up to eliminate bottlenecks and efficiently use labor and equipment.

Step 3:
Supply Chain Optimization

Once a production line is set up, we assist our clients in optimizing their supply chain through just-in-time delivery. This method keeps inventory low and improves cash flow and thus operational flexibility.

Production Planning Examples

Using our manufacturing experience to understand markets

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